CLG Wins in Detroit


CLG League of Legends clinched the LCS 3rd place spot in an incredible reverse sweep vs Clutch Gaming at the Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit on Saturday, August 24th. Down 0-2, CLG was able to adapt mid-series to play to their strengths and minimize Clutch’s playmaking ability in draft. Biofrost pulled out Thresh, a champion he was initially famous for, a pivotal pick in the series that allowed CLG to set the pace in games three and four.

“I’m a pretty confident Thresh player - I used to be a one-trick Thresh - so I can always pull it out even without having played many recent games on it,” said Biofrost in the post-game press conference.

In game five, CLG nearly had a perfect game vs Clutch Gaming by giving up zero towers, zero dragons, zero Barons, and nearly zero kills - only losing Stixxay in the final teamfight. PowerofEvil was also able to show off his Ahri as a blind pickable mage and setup several kills in the mid-game for the squad. Each game in the reverse sweep showed off a more confident and stronger version of CLG. The win earned CLG the right to be called a top 3 team and a higher seeding in the LCS Regional FInals.

The team now looks to face off against the winner of Clutch Gaming and FlyQuest on Saturday, September 14th.


Chris Han