Gaining vision, Creating pressure, and Using the map - OMEN LoL Guide by Huhi




Mid lane is known as the hardest lane in the game because it requires both micro and macro skills to play well. As the center lane, there are several ganking angles from the enemy jungler and side lanes. On the flip side, the mid laner has the ability to influence the entire map through roams and decision making, making the mid laner a powerful carry role that can snowball and extend leads into other lanes.

The three main focuses of a mid laner should be to farm, roam, gank with teammates and execute macro plays that lead to higher probabilities of winning the game.


The best way to trade in lane is by landing skillshots and avoiding their skillshots. It’s important to understand cooldowns, solid trade mechanics, and power spikes to maximize the trade. When you want to play aggressively, walk up to your opponent, but also be aware of where the enemy jungler is. When the enemy laner uses their spells on the minion wave, use your own spells on them because they won’t be able to trade back as effectively. You can also use your abilities when the enemy is last hitting because they’ll be stuck in their auto attack animation. By attacking the enemy when they can’t hit you back, you end up winning one-sided trades that can lead into later advantages.


You can apply pressure by playing better than your enemy laner mechanically. Juking skillshots and landing your own will give you natural pressure as you will have more health than the enemy laner. Picking an early game champion with good waveclear or calling for your jungler are other ways to pressure your opponent.


Sometimes depending on the situation, you can’t put additional pressure or relevant damage on your opponent or their tower. In general, this creates interesting situations where you need to evaluate other ways to win your lane by gathering information on the map or roaming to other lanes..


Before you roam, you always want to make sure that you aren’t spotted by the enemy team by walking over any enemy wards. Usually, I will place a pink in the river bush on the side that I want to make plays. This stops the enemy from spotting me if I decide to leave the lane as the other team will have less time to react to a roam.

Vision control is very important because it sets up future roams and protects you from their roams. Without wards, it becomes dangerous to go into the river because you can accidentally face check an enemy jungler or support that can lead to an early death. You need to be very aware of who is on the map in the other lanes. If I’m traveling in the river towards the top side of the map, but I don’t see the enemy top laner, then this becomes a risky play because the top laner can pincer my position and force me to either burn flash or kill me off of a collapse with their mid laner and jungler.


As for the best place to put wards during laning phase, if you can get control of the pixel bush in the river then you’re set. It’s always going to be an above-average place to put your wards because of how often the jungler or enemy laner will go through there.


Vision can stop you from dying repeatedly to enemy ganks. If you spot any enemies on a ward and they’re looking for a mid gank, you should communicate to your team that they’re heading your way. This will allow you to set up for a counter gank and possibly turn the game in your favor! Or if you don’t have position to set up a counter gank, you can tell your other laners to play more aggressively since the enemy jungler is occupied in your lane instead.

You can also tell if a gank is coming based on how the enemy laner behaves. getting ganked by When they are getting ready for a gank, people change the way they play the game. If the enemy laner iplays consistently passively and randomly starts to play aggressively, then this is usually a signal that a gank is coming.



Before I roam, I think about my minion wave situation and whether I will lose too much gold and experience by roaming to a a sidelane. I also communicate with my sidelaners before I start the roam, so they can set up a good position for me to gank their lane. It’s really important that they manage the wave and set up their stuns and crowd control spells so that they can link with my spells and maximize the chances of killing their lane. After we communicate how the gank will happen,  I will push my wave to their tower and then let the side lane know how much time it will take me to gank their lane.

Obviously this is a lot harder to do in SoloQ when you can’t talk to your teammates, so my best advice is to ping as many times as you can. You can also send them a message to ask for summoner spell timers to let them know you’re headed down and get information for yourself that can help make the gank more successful. Make sure that you figure out your win condition before you go in. Even getting a flash or another summoner spell from the other team can be a victory for your teammates to find advantages later.


When my opponent disappears I start pinging a lot, using the danger and back off ping, and then I type, "MY LANE IS MISSING!!!" If I know where the enemy laner disappeared to, I’ll communicate to that specific area, "Hey, top side or bot side is missing, watch out."

Unfortunately, once the enemy leaves your vision, you can't really tell if they are roaming or backing. Sometimes people make mistakes by saying "Okay, the enemy went back to base" and then the enemy gets a roam off on one of the lanes. To prevent this, usually I communicate both options. For example, I would say something to my teammates like, "My laner based but he can still roam down, just watch out but there’s a high possibility that he based."

While following a roam is good, there are certain conditions you should pay attention to before you decide what to do. For example, if the enemy laner is 6 already while you’re still level 5, you won’t be helpful following and you might even die trying to chase an enemy’s roam. You also don’t want to sacrifice too many minions by following so if it’s better to do so, just ask the other lanes to play safe. You will also need to pay attention to your lane matchup. If you are playing a squishy champion, then you shouldn’t follow an enemy assassin in the river, unless you have your jungler too.

You should follow a roam when you have vision because the enemy can feint a roam, but hide in a bush to gank you. You can’t really tell what the enemy is doing if you have no vision.



In recent patches, assassins have received a big buff and should see plenty of play in competitive and SoloQ! Syndra is pretty solid as she recently got another buff on her late game.She has crowd control, good damage, and a long range that keeps her relevant in the late game. Akali’s rework made her really strong and Fizz is also pretty good right now with his recent buffs. Overall, you can play a variety of styles in the mid lane. If you want to play a mage or a supportive mid lane such as Galio, you can have success in solo queue.

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