CLG Welcomes Squarespace as an Official Partner

SQSP Banner Placeholder JPG.jpg

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is proud to announce leading web publishing platform Squarespace as an official partner! Squarespace empowers millions of people to share their stories, and bring their ideas to life through beautiful, easy-to-manage websites. The partnership kicks off with the launch of CLG’s new website, built using Squarespace, and the start of the 2018 LCS Summer Split.

“We are excited to partner with the cutting-edge website publishing platform Squarespace that aligns so well with CLG,” said Nick Allen, COO of Counter Logic Gaming. “Squarespace enables millions of people to pursue their dreams and create a home for their online identity - a mission that we know resonates with the entire esports industry. We’re thrilled to begin this partnership and look forward to developing it throughout the upcoming year.”

Squarespace will be the first partner to be featured on the shoulder jersey patch of all of CLG’s teams - worn by players who compete in front of hundreds of thousands of fans every week. CLG also collaborated with a Squarespace artist to design and paint an 80 foot wide and 12 foot tall mural outside of the new CLG Performance Center.



2018 Jersey

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