xSojin Named New LoL Academy Coach


Counter Logic Gaming announced today that it has brought on Mathew “xSojin” Perez as the new coach of the CLG LoL Academy team. xSojin was previously the coach of the Maryville Esports Club’s League of Legends team. There, he helped the team take its first Championship win with a string of victories over the two-time defending champions University of British Columbia, two-time finalists Robert Morris, and a final victory over the University of Toronto.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity that CLG has given me and I’m ready for what’s to come," said xSojin. "I’m already enjoying my time with the Academy boys and been welcomed whole heartily by them, so I’m hoping that the fans will welcome me to the organization with open arms as well!”

We believe that xSojin will continue to facilitate the culture that we have built with our Academy team - welcoming constructive criticism and constant communication. “I believe that my players should be all ready to take each other’s ideas and feedback into consideration, even if we don’t believe it to be true,” said xSojin. “Doing so allows for us to understand each other’s points of view, which leads to a healthier team environment and faster improvement.”

“When seeking a new Academy Coach we wanted to find someone who had the experience necessary to develop our Academy players into LCS caliber talent," said Matthew "Trinitiii" Nausha, Director of Esports at Counter Logic Gaming. "Additionally, we wanted to bring in someone who had not been working with professional teams. Historically teams recycle the same coaches. We believed there was someone better that currently was not coaching a professional team. Mat has had a lot of success at the collegiate level. He has good systems around strategy and communication that will assist our players’ development.”

The NA LoL Academy League Summer Split begins on June 14th. The team will look to continue their strong finish to the Spring Split with xSojin at the helm. We’re excited to have xSojin with the CLG organization and hope that our fans can give him a warm welcome!


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