Welcome Back missharvey


Please welcome back Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey to the CLG Red CS:GO team! missharvey is one of the original CLG Red members and one of the most accomplished female CS:GO players to play the game. A little over a year ago, we went our separate ways with missharvey after an amazing two years together. The team won the 2015 Electronic Sports World Cup and had several strong tournament performances during missharvey’s time with the team. We were sad to part ways, but we wished her all the best.

In the past month however, we began trying out missharvey in preparation for the new ESEA season and were thrilled with the results. We believe missharvey is a great fit for the team due to her history and synergy with bENITA and di^v^ through years of being teammates.

With missharvey re-joining CLG, we have parted ways with Lily “ProMise9k” Chen. ProMise9k has been an amazing and passionate player during her time with CLG. We want to thank her for all the work she put in and for supporting CLG Red from the very beginning - even before she became a member of CLG Red.

"I am pleased to welcome missharvey back to CLG. She was an integral part of CLG Red in it's creation and accomplishments," said Matt "Trinitiii" Nausha, CLG Director of Esports. "It is a great opportunity for both parties to reconnect and bring everything full circle.  Over the course of the past few weeks the team had been playing with missharvey and it goes without saying the practices went very well. I am excited to welcome back missharvey and for the future of the team."

The new official roster of CLG Red is now as follows:

Benita "bENITA" Novshadian
Diane "di^v^" Tran
Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey
Jennifer "refinnej" Le
Emma "emy" Cho

The team will be competing in ESEA Season 28 in the newly formed Advanced League in the coming month. We are truly excited for missharvey’s return and can’t wait to see the team compete once again! Please give missharvey a warm welcome back to Counter Logic Gaming!



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