Welcome Wiggily to CLG Academy


We are excited to announce that Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin, pending Riot approval, is now the starting jungler for CLG Academy! Wiggily previously played for C9 Academy, helping the team place second in the regular season of the Spring 2018 Academy split. Wiggily is a rising talent that we believe will work well with our Academy team. CLG Academy narrowly missed the playoffs last split after an 8-1 run in the last half where they defeated several teams high in the standings. The team will look to continue that momentum into the summer split with the addition of Wiggily.

“I'm really excited to work with players that have been together for so long and can't wait to see how I fit in with them!" said Wiggily. "I think that CLG Academy was extremely underrated and that the synergy of their players really showed in the second half of the split. I'm excited for this opportunity to play under the CLG banner and to help improve an already talented Academy roster.”

Wiggily will debut with CLG Academy when the NA Academy League resumes in June. In the next several weeks, Wiggily will be working hard with the rest of the team to have a strong start to the summer split. Please welcome Wiggily to the CLG family!

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Thank You Omargod

With the addition of Wiggily, Omar “Omargod” Amin will be parting ways with CLG Academy. Omar has been a part of CLG for over a year now since joining the original academy team back in November 2016. Since then, Omar has grown immensely both in and out of the game. When Omar first joined the team, he had never competed in the NA Challenger Series and was a pickup straight from the Scouting Grounds. In less than a year, he was called up to the LCS stage where he helped the team defeat Team Dignitas in a clean sweep for the 3rd place finish at the TD Garden in Boston.

We want to thank Omar for his time and dedication to the team and his own self-improvement. Omar strived to always be better than the previous day and it showed over the his career at CLG. We wish Omar all the best in his future endeavors and believe that he will succeed in whichever path he chooses to follow. Farewell and thank you Omar!


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