Welcome Home Weldon

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We are excited to announce that Weldon Green is CLG’s new LCS head coach! Weldon has a history of success working with teams, starting as a consultant for Counter Logic Gaming during our LCS Summer 2015 run to win our first championship. Since then Weldon has won three other championships as TSM’s head coach and G2’s assistant coach. We are thrilled to have Weldon and his experience with us as we build towards success for years to come.

“I started my professional career as a coach and sport psychology trainer with CLG,” said Weldon. “From there I've worked on a number of different teams. Now, it almost feels like I'm completing a circle and coming back home to CLG - the original organization I was both a fan of and started my career in.”

During our talks with Weldon we found that our goals and vision for the team aligned well, making him the right coach for CLG. In the past working with other teams, Weldon has always split his time between the US and Finland. For this job, he will be relocating full-time to Los Angeles with his family so that he can fully commit to CLG’s future. Over the next several weeks, Weldon will be deep in preparation for the next season, including solidifying our roster and hiring a strategic coach.

“For me CLG always belonged at the top,” said Weldon. “My goal for CLG is to first and foremost retake the title. I think this is the primary goal, one step and one foot in front of the other. I’m excited to be here at CLG and just want to let our fans know: the faithful shall be rewarded.”

“I could not be more excited to have Weldon as the Head Coach of the LCS team,” said Matt ‘Trinitiii” Nausha, Director of Esports. “Not only does he come with a wealth of experience, he is very aligned with the vision and direction for CLG. A new chapter for our LCS team has begun and there is a lot of work to do. Weldon has already started working on our off season efforts and planning for 2019. I appreciate him and his family for making the commitment to relocate from Finland.”

Please give Weldon a warm welcome to CLG.

Welcome home Weldon.


Chris Han