Welcome CLG Red Valorant


CLG is excited to introduce CLG Red Valorant as the latest esports team in the CLG family. Six years ago, we formed CLG Red as the first step to provide a space for women in competitive esports. Since then, CLG Red has won multiple CS:GO championships and proven themselves to be the best female CS:GO team in the world. We’re thrilled to continue building on that championship mindset with CLG Red Valorant.

To kick start that journey, CLG officially announces Benita “bENITA” Novshadian as the captain of the new CLG Red Valorant team. As one of the original members of CLG Red and an 8-time world champion, we could think of no better person than bENITA to lead the next generation of CLG Red.

“I’m so honored and proud to be the in-game leader and captain of this new project,” said bENITA. “It’s a dream to have multiple games within the Red brand.”

CLG will reveal the initial three members of CLG Red Valorant in the next few days as we look to build the best competitive team possible alongside bENITA. Please give a warm welcome to CLG Red Valorant!

Chris Han