VoiD Guide - Out of Shield Options

Hey guys! VoiD here and today I’ll be teaching you about things you can do while in shield! These options are more commonly referred to as Out Of Shield options, or OOS. Shield is one of the best defensive options you can use in this game, and being able to get the most out of it both defensively and offensively is very important. I’ll go over the options everyone can do, how/when to use it, and then I’ll get into a little more specific stuff. Let’s go!

First and foremost are the options I’m sure you’re aware of: rolling, and spotdodging! To do both of these options you have to input either left or right while holding shield to roll, or input down while holding shield to spotdodge. Think of rolling as an invincible dash: it’s a good way to re-position yourself without taking too much risk. Spotdodging on the other hand does not reposition your character, but allows you to counterattack very quickly. Remember that if you spam these options back to back, the game will lower the invincibility you obtain so use them sparingly! Sometimes, rolls and spotdodges are the BEST OOS options your character has, so don’t be afraid to use them to get away from pressure! Get comfortable with using these firstly, then let’s dive into other OOS options you can use.

The most common OOS option is doing an aerial out of shield. This is done by pressing jump while in shield and then doing an aerial immediately. The benefits of this comes from jump canceling your shield, making it so you can instantly transition from having your shield being hit, to being the one attacking! One thing to note is to make sure you jump after your shield gets hit or while your character is safe, otherwise you might get hit during your jump. Since this is an attacking option, it will benefit characters who have good aerial options, whether it is fast, strong, or has a good hitbox. Sheik’s forward-aerial, Villager’s neutral-aerial, and Snake’s downward-aerial are great examples of fast OOS aerials that can immediately retaliate when your shield gets attacked. Rob’s neutral-aerial, King K. Rool’s back-aerial, and Wolf’s back-aerial are examples of slow OOS aerials that generally won’t punish someone for attacking your shield. Understanding your characters OOS options (both rolls and aerials) and how to use them are a huge step to upping your own game.

While shielding, you can unput an Up Smash or an Up Special and transition immediately into those options with no delay!

Finally, there’s a special case of OOS options that everyone has access to, but is very character dependant on if it’s good or not. These options are Up Smash & Up Special OOS! While shielding, you can input an Up Smash or an Up Special and transition immediately into those options with no delay! Now of course, most Up Specials are meant for recovery and Up Smash can be slow, which is why this is very character dependant! Mario, Fox, and Pikachu have very quick Up Smashes that can be used OOS and possibly kill your opponent! Chrom, Lucina and Bowser have quick Up Specials that can be used very similar to the Up Smash, but out of these 3 only Lucina’s will have a chance to kill. Take a chance to explore if your character can use these options well, and make sure to get comfortable with the input (While still holding shield, press Up Smash or Up Special)!

That will cover the options that you can do while shielding, or again your Out of Shield options! Rolls and spotdodges are the base level giving you invincibility and a chance to retaliate afterwards. OOS aerials are where things get juicy, giving you an immediate chance to attack back without the period of time that rolls and spotdodges take up. Don’t forget your Up Smash & Up Special OOS as well, giving certain characters even MORE ways to attack when their shield gets hit. This will end this blog post on OOS options, hope you guys enjoyed a more in-depth explanation!


Chris Han