Announcing The Official CLG Clash Royale Roster

Several months ago we announced our entry into the first official Clash Royale League. Since then we spent time carefully scouting for talented players and a coach to form CLG’s first Clash Royale team. That search has finally ended and we are proud to announce our official roster for the Clash Royale League! Please welcome CLG Clash Royale!


Giovanni “Gio” Caccaviello
Tobias “Tobi SpiritHawk” Unger
Noah “Skilz” Hughes
Eric “Backstabx” Torres

Kyle "Latty" Latimer
Brandon "brandank" Hong

Mark “Baronvonbushy” Hall

We can't wait for the team to begin competing in the inaugural season of the Clash Royale League and will you all further updates on the league and schedule in the near future. In the mean time, follow our players on social media and give them all a warm welcome to CLG!

To all the CLG fans, while not all of you may know about the competitive Clash Royale scene or be unsure due to it being a mobile game - I say give it a chance. Fall in love like we all did. You won’t regret it! This team is here to do one thing: Win.

Chris Han