Farewell Rocket League

Today we are announcing that we will be withdrawing from the Rocket League competitive scene. We were incredibly excited to enter the space as fans of the game and came in with a long term plan for the team. Unfortunately a combination of needing to wait until next year to possibly re-enter the RLCS and other factors pushed back our timeline significantly. After assessing our situation we decided it would be best to withdraw for now and potentially come back with a much stronger presence in the league.

Announcements like this are never easy, but we knew that this would be best for the organization and our players in the long run. As always, when we make these decisions, we do our best to find our players new homes and guide them in the best way possible. In this respect, our Rocket League team is no different and we believe our players have a positive future ahead of them. Thank you Dappur, Mijo, and Timi for your dedication to the game and time as a member of CLG. We wish you all the best of luck!

We will continue to monitor the Rocket League landscape over the coming years. If there is an opportunity where the organization and our players can thrive, we would love to re-evaluate and come back to the welcoming Rocket League community.


Chris Han