Ornn: The Fire Below the Mountain - OMEN LoL Guide by Darshan



Ornn’s role on a team is to be a CC plus engage tank. He’s a safe laner who is decent into almost every toplaner which allows you to play aggressive or defensive as the CC he has early on makes him really good at setting up ganks. Your main goals during the game are to farm up while laning and engage in the mid and lategame.



Ornn is pretty rare in that he’s a safe blind pick. He also has a lot of engage and CC which is something that’s hard to get in one champion. While he doesn’t struggle in most matchups, the two champions he has the hardest time with are Dr. Mundo and Darius.

Against Mundo, you should try and abuse your early advantage as Ornn by engaging because you can’t win in the side lane later on. Against Darius, you should try and look for ganks on him early, and same thing, engage as fast as you can early on because you can’t fight in the sidelanes during mid and lategame.




For masteries, I almost always go Resolve with Grasp of the Undying and secondary Inspiration which is the utility tree.






You’ll want to take Teleport and Flash on Ornn every game.

You should also start every game with Doran’s Shield as it’s the best for him.

The order you max your abilities in is W then Q then E while putting points into your ultimate when you can.



basic combo 1.png

Ornn’s laning combo is to throw out your Q and then E to knock up the enemy champion.

basic combo 2.png

A more interesting combo is to Q into W while you’re Qing. Then, if you mash E as much as you can, you can cancel the animation of the E to have a faster E come out. It’s a combo that a lot of people don’t know about, but it’s pretty effective.

full combo.png

Ornn’s full combo is to throw out your Q into your ult, hit the enemy with the second part of your ult, then use your E off the Q that you threw earlier to knock them up again, and then W and auto attack them to get 2 knockups and 3 brittle procs.



There are two build paths, but usually you’ll want to get one armor and one magic resist item and build situationally from there.

If you’re playing against an AD champion, you’ll want to go Frozen Heart or Iceborn Gauntlet into Warmog’s Armor. If you’re against an AP champion, you’ll typically go Abyssal Mask into Warmog’s. After that, you can go Locket of the Iron Solari or Gargoyle Stoneplate based on what your team comp needs.

items 2.png

If the enemy team has a lot of AOE, getting Locket is great. If you just need to be tanky, Stoneplate is always gonna be good. You can even get a Randuin’s if they have a lot of crit champions.




One of the biggest advantages of playing Ornn is that you can just build items in lane while other people have to base so you should be abusing that as much as possible. The only time you should be basing is when you push your wave in all the way and you need to get back health or mana, but you should almost always be looking to stay in lane and build items constantly when it’s safe to do so.


The Masterwork items are only good to upgrade when you’re full build. For Ornn specifically, the two items that are good to upgrade on him are Abyssal Mask into Infernal Mask and Locket of the Iron Solari into Circlet of the Iron Solari. The Locket upgrade isn’t the best but it’s good to just do when you have six items.




Ornn is strong because he has such a long engage range along with a lot of CC to bring to a team comp. It’s really important to abuse the fact that you can group with your team and engage a fight from a range that people aren’t expecting. His roams to midlane are also really strong with Ornn because you can engage from a screen away. If you want to be great at Ornn, just being able to abuse his engage potential is the best way to do so.

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