Counter Logic Gaming Partners With MAXNOMIC®

When you're training all day, you need the best possible support - which is why Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is proud to be partnering with MAXNOMIC®, a leader in the gaming chair industry. As a part of the partnership, MAXNOMIC® has outfitted the new CLG Performance Center with custom CLG-branded chairs to be used by all players and staff.

"When we were looking into potential chair partners, we were focused on providing our players with high-quality and ergonomic seating to ensure longer periods of concentration and focus," said Nick Allen, COO of Counter Logic Gaming. "Maxnomic really was the partner of choice when it came down to it."

MAXNOMIC® has been a leader in the gaming chair industry for years with its range of features such as adjustable seat backs, lumbar support, and armrests that allow for four directions of adjustment. Their chairs are featured in several high-profile esports leagues including the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).

In addition to providing custom CLG-branded chairs for our players and staff, MAXNOMIC® will also be producing the same high-quality chairs to make them available for our fans. We look forward to working along side MAXNOMIC® in the future.



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