Counter Logic Gaming Partners With MVMT

We’re excited to announce that we’re joining forces with MVMT, the official wristwatch partner of Counter Logic Gaming! MVMT delivers premium on-trend watches and accessories at fair prices.

“Our fan base represents a young demographic that gravitates towards brands like MVMT, and we're excited to welcome this new non-endemic partner,” said Nick Allen, COO of CLG. “We also feel that MVMT's messaging aligns with CLG's mission; as MVMT aimed to disrupt an established fashion market, CLG will continue to innovate in the esports industry.”

MVMT will be featured on our Academy Broadcast games every Thursday for the Summer Split on the CLG Twitch channel. In addition to being a major feature of the broadcast, MVMT will also be the presenting partner of the full CLG Performance Center Tour and reveal video.

Check out MVMT's full range of watches and accessories at MVMT.COM/CLG



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