Counter Logic Gaming Runs on Spectrum

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is excited to announce its official high speed internet provider and partner, Spectrum! As part of the new partnership, Spectrum has outfitted the CLG Performance Center with dedicated Fiber Optic Internet service and will be the presenting partner of the center’s Spectrum Gaming Lounge.

“We’re extremely proud to partner with Spectrum and to usher them into the esports industry,” said Nick Allen, COO of CLG. “Esports exists because of the internet and it only makes sense that we work with an industry leader such as Spectrum. Every millisecond matters in esports and we wanted to provide our players with the best possible training environment.”

“The internet is central to everything we do here at CLG and Spectrum allows our entire staff and players here at the CLG Performance Center to work efficiently and without interruption,” said Adam Hobbs, Director of Marketing of CLG. “When you have multiple teams practicing and playing here and a sizable staff running CLG’s operations, you don’t want bandwidth to ever be an issue.”

As an official partner, Spectrum branding will also be integrated across CLG social channels and live streams.



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