Welcome Coach Irean to CLG

After several weeks of searching, we are excited to announce that Heo “Irean” Yeong-cheol is the new Strategic Coach for CLG League of Legends! We wanted a strategic coach that was driven, exceptional at strategy, and a former professional player. While experience was taken into account, it was more important that the coach met our standards and expectations. The process involved several stages that included interviews with the staff and players, mock picks and bans, and VOD review with our players. Although there were many strong candidates, Irean stood out as the most complete strategic coach during our recruitment process.

Irean’s experience as a professional player and ability to play at a high level allows him to better communicate with players and point out mechanical matchups. In 2012, he played competitively as an AD Carry with Xenics Storm - one of the first Korean LoL esports teams. “I think what made Irean stand out was definitely his specific analysis and the way he did it seemed very easy for players to understand,” said Stixxay. “Pretty much the way he worded things to us, was from a player’s perspective first. What really impressed me was that he knows the champion mechanics of every lane and exactly how every matchup plays out. It was really impressive to see his overall game knowledge… I would just say it was complete.”

Although Irean was previously a professional player, he has spent the majority of his esports career developing as an analyst and coach. From 2014 onward, he has worked with Saigon Jokers, Team Vitality, and DS Gaming. Most recently, he was the head coach of Supermassive Esports from the TCL and helped lead the team to two championships in 2018. It was clear that he had a strong work ethic to be the best possible coach he could be. “Irean paid his dues and worked up the ranks [...] I wanted someone that is hard working and believes that we as coaches need to work more hours than the players,” said Weldon, head coach of CLG. “Irean is aligned with me on doing everything possible to set the players up for victory.”

Photo: LoLEsports / Flickr

Photo: LoLEsports / Flickr

Lastly Irean was exceptional in his analysis and impressed our players with his ability to identify and easily teach concepts at a high level. All the final applicants were asked to review the same set of VODs and according to Weldon, Irean was able to “cut to the heart of this is why this happened and identified things that the players didn’t actually even notice and no other coaches brought up.” Our players were impressed with his level of strategic insight and pushed hard to make sure he would be CLG’s strategic coach. “Him being from a region that is not as popular definitely was a thing I thought about,” said Biofrost. “But after seeing his VOD review - which is the most important thing, it all had legitimate points and that’s the main thing I was looking at.”

We cannot express how thrilled we are with Irean as our new strategic coach and hope that our fans can join in that excitement by welcoming Irean to Counter Logic Gaming.

“Hello, my name is Heo “Irean” Yeong-cheol, I’m the new strategic coach for CLG. Being on CLG is a new challenge, but it is an honor to join CLG which is famous in League of Legends esports!”

- Heo “Irean” Yeong-cheol


Chris Han