Q + A With PowerOfEvil

A lot of fans were debating whether you would return to EU or stay in NA during free agency. What factors did you consider when making the decision and why did you choose CLG?

PowerOfEvil: It was definitely an internal debate, deciding whether or not to return to EU. Living in a new country is such a unique experience, and I was greeted warmly here in NA since I first arrived. I really do enjoy both regions. But during free agency, I had several discussions with Weldon and my new teammates at CLG on goals for the next year and vision for how the team would operate. They left a good impression on me during our talks and I believed we could be successful together. I came to the conclusion that we share the same philosophy and was excited at the opportunity to join one of the longest standing League of Legends organizations in CLG.

Photo: Riot Games / Flickr

Photo: Riot Games / Flickr

Do you think you adjusted fairly well to life and working in North America in the past year? What were some of the positive changes that impacted you over the year? Anything you miss?

PowerOfEvil: I felt really welcomed in NA by everyone! Of course there are things you miss from home like my family, friends and my cat but I also got a lot of new friends in NA. After some weeks of really cold weather here in Germany I am ready for the California sunshine. I also liked very much the apartment-office set up for the players in NA.

You spoke about sharing the same goals and philosophies as the team - can you go into more detail on what those are?

PowerOfEvil: I think one of the most important things is that teammates should respect each other. You need to communicate properly and understand that you are one team, one unit – that you win and lose as a team, not as an individual. I had the most success when my teammates could openly discuss the problems they are having. If people fully trust each other and enjoy playing together it makes everything so much easier. I think CLG has the systems in place to create this environment, but it’s definitely easier said than done.

Photo: Riot Games / Flickr

Photo: Riot Games / Flickr

You’ve been on several teams over the course of your career. This is a new look for CLG with a change in the coaching staff and players. What would you say in your experience is the most important thing for a new team in the beginning that people might not consider and why?

PowerOfEvil: The most important thing for us to do at the beginning is to make sure that the players believe in themselves and their teammates. In my experience, team chemistry is key. If the team clicks, you are going to improve and become way better really fast. It doesn’t always happen right away, but you work towards it.

When I was on Misfits for example it clicked right before the playoffs in Summer 2017 when we won against UOL 3-0 and against FNC 3-1 leading up to Worlds. I think that chemistry showed in the close series vs SKT. The players believed in themselves, grew more confident and trusted each other- so we flourished.

What are you most excited for in working with CLG and the new team?

PowerOfEvil: I’m finally united with my long-lost twin!

Stixxay, his mother, and PowerOfEvil posing as brothers after an LCS match. / Twitter

Stixxay, his mother, and PowerOfEvil posing as brothers after an LCS match. / Twitter

What are your thoughts on practicing in the CLG Performance Center?

PowerOfEvil: The first time I separated work from home was on OpTic this year where we had apartments separate from the office. I think it’s more convenient for the players and definitely an improvement from gaming houses. I’m definitely excited to see and practice out of the CLG Performance Center. It looks awesome and an even further step up from what a lot of teams have!

How have you been preparing in the off-season for the next split?

PowerOfEvil: As most people know I had a pretty long off-season. Of course, I’ve been playing lots of League and figuring out strengths with the new pre-season patches. But I’ve also been relaxing and spending time with people I missed in Germany, which helps too in de-stressing before the upcoming season. My family is really supportive and I‘m happy I could tell some of the funny stuff I experienced and hear what I missed out on. I’ve been playing games with my brothers and catching up with some of my old friends - we had some fun LAN parties.

NA has almost exclusively imported mid laners, and every year the quality of mid laners seems to go up. Who are you most excited to play against in the upcoming year in the LCS?

PowerOfEvil: It’s not just the mid laners that have gotten better in my opinion. The overall LCS has improved year by year and it’s great! There isn’t a particular mid laner I want to play against, I’m just ready to prove myself versus all the new faces in the league, regardless of role.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and CLG fans?

PowerOfEvil: Thank you to everyone who helped me with the smooth transition from EU to NA this past year. I know some fans are disappointed I won’t be playing in EU this year but are supporting me anyway - that really means the world to me!


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