Welcome CLG Speedrunning

We’re excited to announce that we’ve brought on Calebhart42, MajinPhil, and Cheese05 to join Zfg1 as a part of the speedrunning squad on the CLG stream team! It has only been a little over a month since Zfg1 joined CLG and we were amazed at the positive reception from the speed running community.

We’re ecstatic to dive even deeper into such a tight-knit and fun crowd with Calebhart42, MajinPhil, and Cheese05 joining us here at CLG. They are not only all great streamers, but also some of the best speedrunners in their respective games over the past several years. We look forward to collaborating with them all in possible future content and speed running exclusive events as we take this leap into new territory. Learn more about them, check out their streams, and drop in and say hello!


Calebhart42 has been streaming full-time since 2013 and focuses on Megaman and Final Fantasy. He is a fitness advocate and promotes a healthy lifestyle for all his viewers. He recently set the world record for Final Fantasy VII 100%, which is a marathon of a speedrun at just over 20 hours!


MajinPhil is known for his GamesDoneQuick appearances and laid back streams, check out his channel for speedruns as well as playthroughs of old and new games. He has been consistently ranked in the top 5 of Majora’s Mask 100% speedruns for the past several years.


Hailing from Spain, Cheese05 is the world record holder for Super Mario 64 70 and 120 star runs! He hosts the “Two Dads Podcast”, a podcast dedicated to talking about the mentality and work ethic behind speedrunning.


Zfg1 has been a part of CLG’s stream team since September, and in that time he has already broken his world record for the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 100%. When you hop into his stream, make sure to pray for good Dampe RNG.


Chris Han