CLG Boost encompasses all of CLG’s charitable and diversity initiatives.

Our goal is to make gaming and esports more inclusive and accessible to everyone. Originally created from the passion and dedication of CLG’s staff and players, CLG Boost solidifies our commitment to doing good. 


It is our goal to “boost” others up and allow them to be on an equal playing field.

How We’ve Integrated the #CLGBoost Mindset into our DNA:

Charity Streams: We’re grateful to have a roster of players who care! Through charity streams, CLG has been able to raise money to benefit COVID-19 relief, Tackle Kids Cancer, racial justice organizations, and more.

Jerseys: We’ve partnered with NAMI and You Can Play to create special CLG 2020 NAMI and Pride jerseys that benefit mental health awareness and the LGBTQ+ community, respectively.

Garden of Dreams: Our staff and players have been volunteering time with different partners of MSG’s Garden of Dreams Foundation to provide unique experiences to youth.

Season of Giving: We dedicated our December to giving back to the community in different ways! We created parent care packages and also donated holiday wishlist items to families in need through our Adopt-a-Family program.